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21 August 2005


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If you are right, Bush loses all political and moral underpinnings for making war. If you are right there can no longer be a justification for the sacrifice of American lives. Congress, both Republicans and Democrats, will go crazy. Further the Sunni and Kurds, if they are not left alone, will rebel against a twelver government and the rebellion will be backed by a female undeground across the country. There are many reports of Shia militia type governments already functioning in Basra and other cities while the reps in Bagdhad fight over a constitution that has no meaning and of course the US media isn't covering this story because they can't get out of Bagdhad and find it without US escorts. In the meantime Bush is now committing to 4 more years in Iraq because were the US to pull out before his term is up, the lid would blow and the sham of "democracy in Iraq" would be exposed and that would not be good for the Republicans in 2008. It's so cynical. Michael Singer

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