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07 August 2005


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Dan Prall

In "No Compromise" 3rd paragraph; 'conceipt'. Conceit? Concept? Please correct & clarify. Gotcher back, BR.




Late at night. Have to remember to run spell check.




I don't "claim" anything and don't represent anyone or anyone's interest. My opinions are my own, and...

We did give our opinions to the governments concerned. They ignored us. That's a problem with sovereign states.

As for abuse in Iraq, I have already said it is our responsibility to stop it. You don't seem to have a grasp of how difficult all this for the people with the job. It is like herding cats. pl


This is a depressing topic. I agree with Pat's general drift that you can tell governments your opinion, but outside opinions are unlikely to be determinate.

Reform in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait would probably bring the monarchies to an end (good riddance), but I think it would usher in democratic government that would be if anything more anti-Western. The monarchies need us; a genuine democracy may feel it doesn't.

Nope, sooner or later we will have to take our medecine and find out that we are genuinely unpopular. Hopefully we can stave that off until we don't need the oil, but I am pessimistic on that also.

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