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04 August 2005


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Not sure this would have come out any different if these had been regulars. Other than that, am in agreement. Pat


Absolutely shocking, I've never been so worried about my friend and family in the theater.

That said; I just got a letter from Jim DeMint asserting that the war is going fine and things are calming down. If only my senator would focus on reality not talking points and propaganda. I have lost all faith in our government.

Can't we invent a time machine?


Colonel, Larry,

We have lost command and control of the terrain.
1. insurgents 'easily' plant their explosives without detection, that denotes inadequate surveillance on our part. [e.g., drone aircraft]
2. the locals do NOT report incidents to either U.S. or Iraqi police.
3. we're rattling around the border areas like we did near Cambodia, which was a proven failure.
4. our tactics are 'playing into' the hands of the enemy, we're being drawn (or command staff is allowing unwittingly) into the 'enemy defined' kill zones' as opposed to our defined kill zones.

in a desert environment as opposed to a jungle one, it's almost impossible to use lrr's.

side note: during wwii we employed the turks to sneak up on german forces in the dead of night on a flat open desert environments, garrote, and leave with no trace. when the germans awoke in the morning they would find their forces had been neutralized in their sleep. it was an effective use of the turks's stealth abilities.



items to note in the aipac indictments:

three foreign officials referred to in the indictment as foreign officials 1, 2, and 3 (fo-1, fo-2, fo-3)
rosen passed 'code word protected intelligence' of terrorist activities in central asia in april 99 to an israeli agent.
weismann told that same israeli agent that a 'secret fbi, classified fbi report' had been prepared on the khobar tower bombing.
dec. 2000 6 days before the supreme court decided the presidency to bush, rosen and weismann met with a 'u.s. govt. official' (usgo-1) unknown if bush or clinton admin. official. following that meeting rosen gave classified info to a member of the media concerning 'classified strategy options against a middle east country, and internal u.s. govt. deliberations on those options'.
jan 2002, rosen met with another u.s. govt. official (usgo-2) and received classified info that was sent to other aipac employees in a memo. for the next several months, rosen continued to discuss classified info with usgo-2 and an unnamed dod official, the latter referring rosen to franklin. rosen established a liaison relationship with franklin. rosen told franklin at a feb 2003 meeting that he would try and secure a job at the nsc for franklin so that he would be 'by the elbow of the president'.
mar 2003 rosen discussed a classified internal policy doc concerning iran with a 'senior fellow of a d.c. think tank'. the think tank appears to have been the american enterprise institute (aei).
jun 2003 franklin told weissman that he had a friend - contact in the cia from whom he could obtain a copy of the classified iran policy doc.
oct 2003 franklin had a meeting with fo-3 they discussed the fact that work had ceased on the classified iran policy doc.
july 2004 franklin started cooperating with the fbi and passed classified cia info to weismann as part of the fbi investigation. some of the info concerned a 'foreign government's covert actions in iraq'.
aug 2004 rosen told israeli agents that he and weissman were under fbi investigation over the leaks from dod.

(the indictment states that the intel operation against the u.s. was a 'conspiracy' involving u.s. govt. officials, aipac officials, and foreign agents. indictment also states that iran's nuke program was a primary focus of the espionage conspiracy activities)

the aipac investigation goes hand in hand with the white house cia leak and the niger forged docs. it appears that they are all intertwined.



here is a url that has the aipac indictment.



J, the AIPAC also reaches DSM related campaign.

All the same neocn/OSP cabal.


Franklin within Office of Near East with State? Elizabeth Cheney.

The VP's daughter's newly created department. Took them very little time to get the bal rolling.

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