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09 August 2005


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Thank you. Right on target. Nothing to add except that CD2 also failed to address the right of return of the Palestinian refugees. I'll save comment on the stupidity of that and insisting Abu Dis is Jerusalem for another blog.




I simply forgot to include the RoR in my list of the hard things they avoided dealing with until it was too late.

Abu Dis? I sat and listened to Arafat say at lunch that Abu Dis worked for him. It was juridically within Turkish, British and Jordanian Jerusalem and Arafat was willing to accept it to keep things moving. So was Mahmoud Abbas who discussed it positively with Yossi Beilin.

Not good enough for Sharon though. He has run the wall right through the middle of Abu Dis to make sure it is useless to the Palestinians. pl


Wait? Arafat wasn't insisting on E. Jerusalem starting at ha Nevi'im St. or whatever the Arabic name is for the road that runs directly into Damascus Gate?



As I said, I sat at lunch with him in al-Bira and heard him say that Abu Dis sounded reasonable to him. There were a couple of reporters in the room. They left and we got on with lunch. After lunch his "boys" got hold of the leader of the group I was with and persuaded him to hold a press conference in front of the building to explain the "El jefe," had merely been speculating aloud.

He was quite serious in a "rambling" kind of way. pl

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