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11 August 2005


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Thanks, good post. I would like to add one point.

The Iraqi economy has changed from a socialist system with guaranteed food, free healthcare, free education and pensions to a neoliberal anarchic capitalism.
For may Iraqis this must have been and still be a the biggest shock of all.

Somehow this is never mentioned but just imagine how this must have changed life for many, many people in Iraq.

There are already reports about food shortages and undernurishment. When the big Iraqi famine will start late this year it will be a new push for the insurgency.

Some Guy

Pat, I have always really appreciated you insight on the Newshour and was quite pleased to find you were blogging. It is bittersweet because the sobriety of your posts confirms what I have felt, but it is still good to know that things are what they seem.

I so wish the administration had a couple cooler, wiser heads like yours making policy.


Guess who got invited into the Shanghai cooperative organization by Russia and China?

Starts with an I, end with an n.

Another member Uzbekistan cut off US access a few weks ago.



One also has to wonder about their views of the Iraqi populace. It is unfathomable to me that, when Iraqis were dealing with no electricity in 120 degree heat, enormous arms caches were being looted, the history of all civilization was being stolen, that Bremer and co decided it was a good time to implement a friggin flat tax and allow Iraqi govt assets to be bought up by foreigners. Those conferences held for contractors, with their wild-west atmosphere and gold-rush like claims, were digusting. I could not believe that a US admin, especially one that claimed to be "liberating" a people, would sanction, would encourage, such wholesale looting.



Thanks for that thought. pl

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