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14 August 2005


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Excellent. Very concise. What does "Jacobins" mean?




U.S. military members have over the years expended a lot of time and energy trying to build a system of credible rapport between the U.S. and various mideast states, only to see it all ground into the sand by the current civilian fantasy surrealists operating in D.C.. a lot of years of work down the tubes.



Yes, and I was among the most intent on doing that. pl


We're not done with the Jacobins yet. Bush did a recess appointment to send Cheney staffer, Eric Edelman, to the Pentagon as the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, to replace Doug Feith

Given the direct line between Cheney's office and the Pentagon that led to the Iraq war, having another Cheney loyalist in at the Pentagon is not good news.


Colonel -- this blogger seems to believe that one of the unnamed officials in the Washington Post story is actually Rumsfeld himself: http://moquol.squarespace.com/journal/2005/8/13/i-know-whos-talking-to-the-washington-post.html Apparently the speaker, like Rumsfeld, loves the word "absorb". Your analysis makes more sense to me on the face of it, because DR certainly is one of the Jacobins. Do you think Rumsfeld could be having such second thoughts?



He might. He is too much of an egotist to be very ideological about anything. pl

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