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17 August 2005


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Jonah D. Wail

You can underline the following there Pat.

: : : This is all quite strange.

And keep in mind Pat ... Weldon's selling a new book he's published "Countdown to Terror" and a savvy politico is always running for reelection.

Also what's strange is that Weldon has said that he had given the only copy of a recreation of this graph he had gotten from this Schaffer fella but had turned his (Weldon's) copy over to Steven Hadley sometime way back and now it can't be found... Or some kinda BS along those lines... It all sounds to me like something straight out of Rummy's handbook: "There's Some Things we Know and There's Some Things We Know We Don't Know" from Rummy's own (OMMC) Office of Muddled Mass Confusion.



There is something smelly about this. pl


Call me wacky, and I am, and call me an Oliver Stone fan, well let’s not go there, but isn’t this the lead up to it is all Clinton’s fault? When I look at the time line this story is presenting that is what occurs to me. Yes, it smells, and as the whole GWOT appears to be in the toilet, perhaps there is another narrative that is necessary to help those plummeting poll numbers.

Calling Oliver Stone?



After seeing Cambone's statement about how "we have to get to the bottom of this since it happened in another administration..." I am inclined to think that the path will lead through the 9/11 Report to Bill C.



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