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03 August 2005


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I have a friend, 'B', who has a friend that is a MIT grad and served in Iraq (now in Germany). I've read some of his emails to B re. the war but I was told not to post any on my blog. They were always very revealing.

Let me note that B's friend is a conservative, but not one that is a ‘talking point repeater’ or one that is fully behind the administration. He is pleasant to talk with and a good person to debate with. He is very open minded.

Now, up until recently I assumed that for every death in Iraq and every crime committed on Iraqis; there was some greater number of good being done in that country to help us prevail and win the hearts and minds of our Iraqi hosts.

I was shocked when B, having not heard of this recent story, told me of a recent IM conversation with his friend in which the soldier said that for every school that is built/repaired there is a report of torture. For every road paved there is senseless civilian causality. For every Pro in Iraq there is a Con. It is not 1 for 5, or 1 for 2, but 1 for 1! B's friend said we aren't progressing in Iraq, we are just there, and getting nowhere.

I know several people in, going, or coming from Iraq; and I worry about them every day. I am also proud of them and believe they are doing their jobs as best they can despite their objections and inconveniences; but there is something wrong when events of this nature happen, and it is even worse when those in charge aren't held accountable while those under the command of those in charge are blamed.

It is a sad reality that I just grasped.

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