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29 July 2005


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Well put on the shortcomings of non-hierarchical religion. I believe that you overstate the case with Shi'a Islam, which despite the array of Ayatollahs and Mara'jaah, does have a more defined hierarchy and pecking order.

Sunni Islam shares the same problems that befall evangelical christianity and rabbinical judaism -- all you need is charm and a book to start your own ministry.

Perhaps Sunnis really do need to bring back the Caliphate...



Is that a Myers-Briggs type?

It is true that 12er Shiism has more structure but I do think that compliance to "dogma" is a sometimes thing dependent on willingness to accept the opinion of a varied "Marjayiah." pl

common sense

Some quickly grabbed links.

A selection of articles on the new ambassador at:


These stories do not strss his roles with Pakistani intelligence, his ties with the Taliban or long term relationship to Bin Ladin, though he also sought to have the Taliban deport Bin Ladin in 1998.

Obviously there are many conspiracy theories around, a number of victims of 9/11 hold him responsible and one alleged reason for his appointment as Britain's ambassador was protection of law suits. He was removed as head of Saudi intelligence right before 9/11.

Several stories tie him to Prince Abdukllah who Bush is evidently close to, but who is also associated with the religious faction.

Some facts here, but a conspiracy bent.


data on 1998 meeting:



common sense

Thw wilder conspiracy theories tie Turki to an alleged block on Afghanistan/Taliban information to cover up an alleged (Enron pipeline) through Afghanistan. Cheney is held responsible in this claim that 9/11 could be prevented.


I suspect Turki is going to attract a lot of fire as both legitimate and rather wild concerns resurface. The appointment does not seem to show much concern for prsident Bush. This guy is likely to be a lightning rod for trouble if things get tough in the middle east.

The Washington Times has already expressed less than enthusiasm and this could spark a lot of the wacky right, the same people who helped Bush by claiming McCain was a N. Viet agent. These people feed on conspiracy as the explanation of all failures and they were not too keen on the president's father.


"So, in Saudi Arabia, PrinceTurki's Consensus probably has a lot of traction, but less so among the expatriate Muslims of Western Europe which, unfortunately is where the TATP is mixed."

What is "TATP?"



It is the "bath tub gin" of explosives, one easy to make by terrorists. pl

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