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Comment by William P. Fitzgerald III on “How "Special" are the Kennedys?”

Pat Lang, I believe I detected an excellent play on words in your reply to Mary, "If it is for t...

Comment by turcopolier on “Canned Soup”

Philo Bedo Sissy fears. I am 79, drink a bit, always have, smoke cigars, and regret that women ...

Comment by turcopolier on “How to Cook a Country Ham”

DH "Virginia ham" You do mean country ham, don't you rather than that sugary crap that Yankees...

Comment by W. Patrick Lang on “Iraq Fatalities”

taters I have never understood why the USAF exists as a separate service and was opposed to the ...

Comment by p s c on “The Paris Attacks and American Fear - Adam Silverman”

I disagree with Mr. Silverman's contention that Americans and the American media react with fear ...

Comment by James McKenzie-Smith on “What do we want in Afghanistan?”

Dear Sir, I would like to recommend a book to the crowd here. It is of some small relevance to ...

Comment by robt willmann on “"Enemy Combatants" and "Military Commissions"”

Since law deals only with words and is mostly vocabulary, if we do not keep our eye on that ball,...
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