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Comment by Fred on “Dinner - 21 July, 2019”

I picked the wrong week to be on a diet. Was that steak from Crabils?

Comment by W. Patrick Lang on “How to Cook a Country Ham”

Nicholas Really good to know the Crabills of Tom's Brook read the blog. I need to come out to t...

Comment by Patrick Lang on “OK, what are you going to want to do if...?”

All I spent the day wandering around in Shenandoah County, Virginia today with my old friend Jim...

Comment by steve on “A variety of Iran Items”

Colonel, I went to Crabill's website and they have quite an impressive array of product. Just fo...

Comment by turcopolier on “Open Thread - 27 October 2012”

All The ducks went 2 1/2 hours. I guess the radiant burner is not all that hot. The potatos we...

Comment by Fred on “"McAuliffe vetoes bill that would ban donations from companies seeking economic grants" Washpost”

Col., yes, that was the place. The food was very good. I stopped by Crabil's too. Sadly have to c...

Comment by turcopolier on “Hanger Steak (onglet) tonight”

Eric Newhill IMO, a waste of good meat. Write to Crabill's Meats in Tom's Brook, Shenandoah Cou...
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