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September 27, 2016


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Thanks Pat, interesting.


After four years, Betsey Dandridge had borne him three children and done untold amounts of laundry and cooking. But Charles grew frustrated that she wouldn’t give up voodoo, Richard Stewart said.

That's an interesting interpretation, does he have some expert knowledge that escapes me the uninformed reader? The 1884 text is surely not easy to read, much less due to the odd imitation of his ancestors' speech. Anyway, I understood she is not truthful, instead of at least shutting up occasionally, she keeps on lying.

see linked pdf.file: “My Life as a Slave.”, page 735, right column, top. I hope I got the odd spelling right.:

"Wa'al, dar I was married, an' I mought jes' as well espress my disappintment fust as last. Treatment makes all de respex dat can happen responseful in de world, but a woman ought to tell some of the trufe once a day, ef it's only to limber up her tongue. It was a good while fust befo' I foun' out what make all Betsey's promises an' arnsers all de time fallin' flat and flatter, like bad dough or mean pie-crust, but when I seed how 'twas, I jes' sets to wuk to see ef I could cure her. I tried 'suasion an' finery, birch rods split fine, an' a light hickory stick 'bout as thick as my littlest finger, an' I tried makin' her kin an' my kin dat had religion pray fur her at the big camp-meetin'. But it warn't no use."

Balint Somkuti, PhD

Yep nice example of gullah IIRC.

Once I had a subject in the university: Varieties of Modern English. Now that was really interesting.

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