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December 06, 2015


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Based on this "teaser" I will buy your book and see what is left of my reasonablly good French from when last used fifty years ago!


Mr Bahzad, Sir, thank you! Your style is riveting!! I can hardly wait for the next instalment!!!

If only a person of your deep humanity and your profound knowledge of the intricacies of the Muslim cosmos could find the time to write a series of criminal (love) novels that could introduce us, mere mortals, to the subtleties you command so well! As Boris Akunin made sense of the causes for the fall of the Russian monarchy, so Islam needs a writer-warrior with the soul of a poet, who can bring it closer to us, ordinary men and women!

By the way, Cévennes Mountains sure look great to go swimming wild, while WWLMXIII is raging on

Johnny Reims

Very good work there, PB. Very good. As far as I am aware, you are the only person who has used the word "cahoots" on this website and that tells me something. Curious if de la Tour has ever used that word.

As you know, dramatic structure is the key, whether the underlying creativity is discursive (novels) or leans toward condensing symbols (theatre, screenplays, songwriting, even poetry). The two are not the same, apples and oranges, with the latter more akin to the art of architecture in many ways. I ain't read enough pages to get a sense of the overall dramatic structure but this really reads well, imo.

BTW, the American in Provence flew back to NYC, then she was in Savannah, and then someone asked her to do some work in Cannes. So she was there around Thanksgiving, now back. I was in Savannah recently and saw some of her work at SCAD. Methinks her work is for real.


PB -

Part 2 ETA?

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