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October 16, 2015


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Paul Escobar

To all,

I propose that the Tampa Bay Lightning "Triplet" line of the American Tyler Johnson, Russian Nikita Kucherov, and Czech Ondrej the best line pairing in hockey.

Furthermore, the lawyer turned Tampa Bay Lightning head-coach John Cooper is the "most interesting man" in hockey. He found guys few would have given chances to (such as the Triplets - and especially Johnson who went undrafted). He helped turn them into scoring machines and Stanley Cup contenders.

I challenge you to find a more interesting team in hockey.

(I originally posted something similar at "The Grinding Phase" topic, but it is more appropriate here)




You're right, you can't bitch about a Stanley Cup contender. I never followed them except to note that they were good. Stamkos and Bishop always stood out to me. I always wondered about the fan base in Florida. They should be stoked after last year. I expect rabid hockey fans up north, but in Florida, I just don't know. The Caps fans are surprisingly rabid. Verizon Center is one of the loudest rinks in the NHL. It's one of the best things about DC.

Paul Escobar


I am envious. It sounds like WrestleMania in there!

Here in Toronto (home of the "worst franchise in North America"), we generate excitement by hurling waffles and jerseys at our own players.




Here's a hilarious take on a former Cap now playing for the Jets. I think all you Canadians will get a chuckle out of it. Russian Machine Never Breaks (RMNB) is a local fan blog inspired by an early claim made by Ovi and his nigh indestructibility.

Matty Perreault was fan a favorite when he was in Washington known for his animated celebrations from the bench. We miss him.

Paul Escobar

Mr. Lang,

I made a reply to TTG a few days ago. It has not appeared yet.

I think this is because it contained two YouTube links - and was possibly marked as spam.

If you are unable to dig it up, I will attempt to re-post in a few days.



Paul Escobar

I have been a bit busy with my wife's broken leg. How's is the election going in my other country? Canadian law does not allow me to vote but I am, of course, interested. pl

Paul Escobar

Mr. Lang,

I should have considered that. Please forgive me.

As for the election...Star Wars: The Hippies Strike Back!

Are you familiar with our former prime minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau? His son, the occasional drama teacher - Justin Trudeau, was coronated as leader to save the once grand Liberal Party (who had been reduced to third party status). By all pundit accounts & polling numbers...he was proving to be rather dull, incompetent, and uninspiring.

The rival parties, from the start, simply misunderstood the phenomenon...until it was too late.

Years ago, at the nationally broadcast funeral of his father Pierre...Justin delivered a teary-eyed eulogy. The reaction reached North Korean levels of hysteria and adoration (it is really something to look back at coverage from that time period). The young man was annointed the national son. He is loved as such, despite his glaringly obvious flaws.

IMO, many had promised him their vote then & there. This evening, that promise was fulfilled. It is to our detriment that this cult of personality has been established.




Babcock will help turn things around for the Leafs. Until then they'll get shredded by a Redwings team that has an infusion of new blood.

Paul Escobar


Detroit likes to keep the young un's in the minors until they're "overly ripe". They also look for finesse beyond our borders. I think Babcock will implement the same sort of development philosophy here in Toronto. Unfortunately, we will not reap the rewards for at least a decade.

IMO, Toronto was throwing games last year (as were others, in the pursuit of McDavid or Eichel). So this year, I agree that statistically...there will be the appearance of improvement in terms of wins, goals, etc.

But with this sorry bunch...Stanley Cup? Never. Playoffs? At best, getting swept OUT of the first round.

Instead, they should turn towards giving us entertainment. I want to see short goalies, reckless speed skaters, trick shooters, blood thirsty hitters, and draft disappointments showing up here. There are many of these types who possess fatal flaws in some aspect of their game. They usually end up in the European, Russian, or AHL leagues. Bring them to Toronto. Give these poor under-dogs one last shot at glory.



I was so excited last night that I almost posted an article on SST. Then I thought that would be taking advantage of Colonel Lang's hospitality. The venue for this achievement could not have been more perfect. A home game in front of a sell out crowd at Verizon Center in front of 18,500+ fans. Papa Ovechkin and Mama Ovechkina among the crowd. A resounding 7-1 victory over Ottawa. Damn, i wish I was there. Ovi's goal came not long after the Redskins ended their season in a loss to the Packers. Local news media were obsessed with that loss and almost buried the Ovi 500 goal story. Luckily some websites covered it well. Check out RMNB and revel in the glory of the Russian gift to hockey that is the Great 8, Alex Ovechkin.


Very disappointed with the lack of fights, or goals, in last nights Leafs/Wings game. Guess Toronto fans can be happy for that one.

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