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September 11, 2015


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no one

Great read. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you.


Tidewater said,

Wow! That shows how reporting is done. I'm impressed. I feel a little uptight and a little naive. At least in a state criminal case you can usually be fairly sure of your footing. This dealing with federal government agencies and government information and documents is scary as hell.

I knew a lot about a case where in passing I noticed the mob was into psychiatric drug treatment centers. Ex-cons as counsellors. This means the ex-cons give young women patients drugs, and bed them down. While they are supposed to be being treated. It was no big deal.

I think Babs must have had a very good lawyer. If she got seven years probation with "no contest" to three felonies and income tax evasion, and of these three felonies the charge could have been "bribery, conspiracy, and perjury, " I would have thought some jail time? Babs is interesting!

Both of them are.

Anyway, Babs head is in a noose, right? The agreement to accept probation means that there surely was an original sentence of at least five to seven years handed down. She will have probably defaulted on paying the fine, will not have met with her probation officer as required, will not have done community service if that was a condition, or testified in any ongoing trials that may have come out of her conviction. She will have been "violated."

The interesting thing to me is that probation is a serious way for the state to control someone. She would have been better off to take a couple of years in prison, maybe? Right here in C-Ville some guys who turned out to be on parole/ probation were recently "violated" because they registered to vote and didn't state that they had felony convictions.

I don't see how Babs can last long. She has been fingerprinted and photographed, and the FBI must surely be on her case. Then they put her on "America's Most Wanted." She's too good looking to be just overlooked, right?

What's interesting here is how her friend Chris didn't have a clue to Bab's real character at all. So Babs is a brilliant, charming psychopath? That's a horrifying group of government officials.

I have to go back and read it again to understand it. I think it's terrific. I also thought your account of how Serbia was destabilized was stunning.

Do you know anything about the Dell Vikings?

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