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November 17, 2014


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going to read it once I found it. I like military science fiction. Thax.



Got this when you posted at SST. Good read and I note from Amazon reviews that this is part one of a trilogy.

My take was that the team development/bonding material worked, although it seemed odd that the team of students were so poorly formed and/or screwed up going into their senior year. I would imagine that an academy like Ganymede would either have done a much better job developing students by this stage or would not have MAS Blacks at work (although this group was clearly a special case).

While the world developed here is quite imaginative, I found the context and late story events a bit hard to follow relative to the team development/bonding material.

Thanks for the review and I am also looking forward to reading Reflections of a Warrior, which I picked up after your SST recommendation.

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