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January 01, 2014


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Charles I

Thanks Maureen, I have just adopted "a kindlier hand" as my New Year's resolution, seemingly more fruitful and achievable than any self-centered, er, fantasy requiring most dreadful ordeals of denial, perspiration and resolute self-deception.

Maureen Lang

Charles I,

A kindlier hand sounds quite doable, agreed.

Over the years I've come to agree with Mark Twain's remark that New Year's Day is the accepted time to make our regular annual good resolutions, while next week is the accepted time we can begin paving hell with them, as usual.

Happy 2014.

Maureen Lang


FYI: the reason I included a photo of Waltham Abbey with the Tennyson poem is that supposedly it was this particular Abbey's bells that inspired "Ring Out, Wild Bells." In which case, I'd certainly like to hear a recording of those bells to judge for myself how "wild" they can get.

Happy New Year.

Dennis Marchant

Hahaha, you asked for it Maureen. That's the beauty of youtube! Happy New Year.

Maureen Lang

Sounds wonderful, Dennis, thanks! Happy 2014!

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