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November 11, 2013


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Dave Williams

Nice contrast of the 19 yr old Hem photos with the drawing further down in blog of the 50 something Papa. Good read for Vets Day also Maureen, thank you for sending us the link.

Georges La Flamme

Italian Silver Medal of Valor from the Great War pictured here

It was awarded for exceptional valor during combat.


Meredith Axelrod

11/11/11 dawned and we went to the cemetery to lay flowers and a flag on Craig's grandpa's stone. There were several others there doing the same. Thanks for your post, Maureen. Mere

Dennis McCarthy

Soldier's Home is one of my favorite short stories by Ernest Hemingway or anyone else. The young Hemingway deserves to be portrayed in a movie that would do his real story justice. Midnight in Paris made a humorous caricature out of what his early life, writings and persona were all about. In particular I'd like to see his early career work as a journalist become the subject in some film.

Maureen Lang

I'm completely on board with the idea of a film dealing with Hemingway's early life, Dennis. I'd prefer a thorough documentary treatment, though (also wondering if Hemingway heirs might put the brakes on either a doc or a fictionalization).

As far as films of Hemingway stories/novels, IMO there's never been one I'd even call adequate, with the notable exception of the 1932 version of "A Farewell to Arms" with Helen Hayes & Gary Cooper.

Shawn Ellis

Great Veterans Day post, Maureen. I know you are a fan of Black Adder. Here's a link for you of the finale:

Pat Lang


If you run into me today, please don't thank me for my service. That just pisses me off. W.P. Lang

Maureen Lang

I find it trite, meaningless to say that phrase to members of the military. The words used to end the above post are about as much as can be appropriately said imo, if one says anything at all.

Charles I

Always something to learn, thanks Maureen.

W.P. Lang: Thank you for your curmudgeonlyness. May today's reflections be the kind that warm the cockles of your heart.

Pat Lang

Charles I

Nah. I am always in a bad mood on days like Memorial Day and Veteran's Day. IMO the sacharin sweet expressions of gratitude for lives that cannot be comprehended by those who have not seen the elephant merely trivialize the essence of my profession and my brothers in arms. pl

John Minnerath

I'm kind of like PL and some others when it come to the "thank you for your service" comments.
But, I can get to be an ornery old curmudgeon too.
I actually received a couple totally unexpected calls thanking me for that very thing.
I was taken aback and it was hard not to be thankful for the calls.
One from a niece, now a young woman who I had been out of touch with since she was a child.
Her heart was in the right place and I appreciated it.

Charles I

In our ignorance we are grateful for sacrifice you tell us we cannot measure - through no fault of our own - and freedom we don't bother to. Once you were offered spit. Don't be TOO hard on those who offer sacharin with the same fervor in a different spirit. They mean no harm, no trivialization but that, that by their irredeemable ignorance, you impute to them.

God knows you've knocked the sacharin outta me, along with the rest of you, and replaced it with respect. Thank you for

Now I'll shut the **** up. Back to the Ford follies.

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