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July 04, 2013


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Maureen Lang


A good weekend to watch or re-watch the meticulously filmed (and equally informative & entertaining) John Adams series from HBO:



Are we going to watch some of John Adams series after the bbq? Way better than going over to Studio City for the fireworks imvho.

Maureen Lang


Let's take a vote on it when you all are here, but personally I'm tending toward JA. Such a wonderful, appropriate July 4th opening segment on the DVDs to that show.

How does bbq'd salmon steaks, corn on the cob, hot spinach salad, homemade rolls, & some fresh (albeit store-bought) blueberry pie from Dupar's sound for tonight?

No fireworks viewing, just good conversation, I promise.



John Philip Sousa for the Glorious Fourth:

For decades America's great bandmaster John Philip Sousa (1854-1932) had resisted the lure of the radio when he lifted his taboo, in 1929. Here is the March King talking, and conducting the Sousa Band in his best-known march (the greatest march ever written?), The Stars and Stripes Forever:

(Many who read these blogs will have to ignore the rest of the site but the music is too good to not to pass along.)

The official title is The Military Band,with the subtitle "Salute to the Services" (I believe on LP it was "A Hi-Fi Salute . . ."), which I've always taken to refer to the suite of five marches at the start, which are preceded by "Reveille" and followed by "Taps." Actually, on the CD "Taps" comes at the end of the program; I've taken the liberty of shifting it to where it seems to me to belong: following the five marches (some more official than others) representing the five U.S. military services.


IT'S 4TH OF JULY WEEKEND, SO WHY NOT KICK OFF WITH SOME SUITABLY 4TH OF JULY MUSIC? This is, I think, the best military-band march written by someone not named John Philipp Sousa. In fact, it's better than all but the best of the Sousa marches. And I've got two nifty performances to share.


Since it is not clear whether my links are working here is the URL:


Maureen Lang,

Ma'am, thanks for postin' this. Learned 'nother facet of American history.

Happy Independence Day.

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