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May 15, 2013


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Great story Gen Ali! And so very, very true. Real life certainly has a way of upsetting even the best laid plans.



Bravo, I enjoyed it.

You reminded me of an interesting book I read a while back--The Drunkard's Walk: How Randomness Rules Our Lives-Leonard Mlodinow.

It's not a grim reaper, it's just a random number generator spinning away for all.


Lovely story. Thank you.



And a bit autobiographic?

FB Ali

Thank you, all.

b. : Yes, a bit.

David Sheegog

About 50 years ago, discovering chance in a personal disaster, I began calling your blind janitor 'God's own probability'.

Charles I

Well well well my dear friend.

First thing I noticed was that I knew the General was a General before I met him/you and a thus the plot recalled, to me, the childish delight I experience upon, and since, encountering you here for real.

That's a lie though, first thing I noticed was your mastery of info packed short sentences unlike your blithering correspondent.

Like b the autobio aspect is fodder for the fan, pleasure in your landing here.

What a lively pace you set yet universal human depth you draw. Any that know me know my desire for kindly sagacious General - or Colonel, so its talking to me. And faith too.

Bravo. Thanks for being FB FB.

Charles I

p.s please write down the whole thing of the Partition(s), you're a gifted writer, keen analyst and primary source. Plus, I have this thing for authors.

FB Ali


I am very pleased that you like it. Fiction is not something I'm used to writing, and I was very uncertain how it would appear to others -- even though another friend had said it was good (but then, friends are friends!). With this encouragement, I might try my hand at some more in due course.

I still remember when you appeared among the comments on my first post on SST (where I was unknown), and actually knew who I was (and some of my background) from your readings. Made me feel at home here. Of course, Pat (and later on, Maureen) couldn't have been kinder.

Al Arabist

What a treat! It really reads well, delightful counterpoint between the trotting pace and stolid subject matter-- fate. Please share more. A dilemma: Do I read it aloud to the family after backgammon or chess?

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