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December 02, 2012


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what are the "purported Sasquatch samples" and where did they come from. I have never heard of anyone finding any real evidence of Bigfoot.

Patrick Lang


The "Sasquatch friendly community" of researchers (howlers, etc.)regularly comes up with hair and scat samples from traipsing around in the woods. pl

John Minnerath

The Bigfoot aficionados always find such cool stuff.
Besides Sasquatch meetings they have encounters with extra-terrestrial beings; neat spaceships land in their front yards, sadly just after the batteries in their cameras died.
An old friend of mine is deeply involved with a group of Bigfoot chasers in Texas, he was always a cool guy and we all used to have a lot of good times. I has always thought he had both feet on the ground usually.
His experiments with wild medicinal herbals may have helped see some of those elusive creatures.
I dunno, just sayin'
When the final proof is needed it seems the data needs further work.
For all the jaded doubters, just google "Bigfoot", you'll find all the "proof" you need.

Charles I

I recall providing Pat with a photo of a Sasquatch who was in fact the one experimenting with 'wild medicinal herbals'. . .

patrick lang


I thought that was a Canadian senator. pl

patrick lang


I would like to see a comment from a geneticist on the original "DNA Diagnostics" report and less wise-akery. pl



I'm no geneticist (though I did play one in college to earn some TA support), but this story isn't science. It smells to me like an attempt to get some free publicity, and my money is on Ms. Melba grinding out a book sometime soon to capitalize on her new-found fame.

The website states that this "research" has been submitted for peer review. Until said open technical review has been completed, the assertions made haven't been vetted or replicated, and hence it just plain isn't science.

And I'll bet good money that the purported peer review will never happen, or at least, not unless one counts UFO journals as scientific literature.

Vaclav Linek

Col Lang (ret),

I found this comment online by a Dr. Kokjohn:

"The statement was made that the mitochondrial genome is identical to human, but the nuclear DNA is distinct. Moreover, a 15,000 year divergence point is estimated. This is quite contrary to expectations. Usually, the genes in a mitochondrion will yield a ‘faster’ evolutionary clock than the nuclear genes (higher mutation rate), that is partially why mitochondrial genes are used for the rapid identification of species. It seems odd that the mitochondria sequence would be invariant. This requires an explanation."

Dr. Kokjohn's full comment and comments
of other geneticists are at this site:

I found these by starting at the website
of the James Randi Educational Foundation.

Vaclav Linek

Charles I

". . . A Canadian Senator" The camera, in thios case, flatters.

Patrick Lang

Charles I

The one I knew was from Gaspe and a crony of the PM. He kept talking down to me as an American until I finally mentioned to him that although he had emigrated from Lebanon, my ancestors had emigrated from France to Quebec in 1635. That only momentarily slowed him up. pl

patrick lang


I wrote to the authors of the study and received the following response. pl

"At the present time I am unable to comment further. The paper will be out soon and all of your questions can and will be answered.

Take care,
Robin Lynne
On Mon, Dec 3, 2012 at 1:19 PM, Ismoot wrote:
I run a couple of blogs. I posted your report on one of them and have been asked what the samples were and where/how is the peer review being conducted.


W. Patrick Lang
Proprietor of “Sic Semper Tyrannis”

The Twisted Genius

I'm pretty excited about this DNA study. There is a hell of a lot we don't know about this universe. So many are not open to the possibilities. This could be interesting.

Although it has nothing to do with Bigfoot, I've always had a fascination for the possibility that remote viewing and other psychic phenomena are real. Probably has a lot to do with my interest in shamanism. I had a chance to learn some of the techniques years ago and tried it. I am now convinced that it is absolutely real. It requires an unbelievable mental discipline that's hard to reliably replicate, but it does work.

Tim McGervey

Would sasquatches perhaps belong to the genus "Pithecanthropus"?

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