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August 05, 2012


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SAC Brat

Bringing out the Apollo kid in me:

The Twisted Genius

Just got an email from the RPI alumni association. They're doing a Google+ hangout tonight with Laurie Leshin, dean of the School of Science at RPI. She was previously deputy associate administrator of exploration systems for NASA and had a lot to do with the mission. Seems a lot of RPI alumni are involved with the project. I think I'll join them. I might get some inside scoop.

Here's a Laurie Leshin article on the mission:

The Twisted Genius

Curiosity is on the surface of Mars and transmitting pictures. Watched the JPL feed of the landing. That was exciting to watch. Everyone's going crazy in the control room. Great stuff!

Mark Logan


Being on PDT made it prime time viewing for us. The NASA feed was fantastic, riveting drama. I think if they had advertized the amount of information they would be getting (or likely to get) during the process they would have had a lot more people witness something "wonderful". I was struck with the contrast between NASA's raw feed and CNN "coverage". It was much, much, better without the narration.

Best of luck on the mission. pic....

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