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July 03, 2012


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Gatun Lake

Thanks for this. More? My grand-uncle Newton was with the Red Ball. As a boy, knowing he was in the war, I would pepper him with questions about germans, combat and especially fighter planes. Planes seemed to have some strange hold over me at the time. He was half-white and seemed to have experienced a good deal of combat even though he was in a transportation unit. He told of being strafed as his company was emerging from some woods and taking cover behind trees.Even years later, at the telling of it,there was some wonder at the size of the rounds coming in at him. I am in the process of acquiring his records as he passed away quite a while ago. Really enjoy your writing.


Glad you liked it. I have been reading a lot of WWII history. I had a colleague who served in the Red Ball. I'm never sure where these stories come from, but I still have some good recollections of his memories.

The Twisted Genius

Another great story. That's what a company commander does. It's as simple as that. My favorite Uncle Ed was in the Red Ball Express. I miss him.

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