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November 22, 2010


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Anna W.

Lovely post. Thanks for forwarding the link to it. The machine orchestra sounds quite nice Maureen, but can it really beat out the Coinola Orchestrion we heard at the Arboretum show last summer?

Robert Murray

I'm looking forward to checking it out when I get home Maureen. Thanks for posting this.


Robert Murray

Brilliant jazz guitarist Pat Metheny on the Orchestrion.

Maureen Lang

-Well, Anna W., the Machine Orchestra article initially caught my attention because of seeing/listening to all those terrific old crank organs, Orchestrions, player pianos, & all the other music animata over at the L.A. Arboretum show. Make sure to have a look at Robert Murray's music link in the comments below yours!

-Great to see you commenting on this post, Bobby. That vid of Pat Metheny talking about being inspired by an Orchestrion, player piano, & the modern equivalents of same that he's working on is just wonderful- thanks so much for sharing it.

Craig V.

Technology imposes and we disposes. All joking aside, a very interesting article.

Jeff B.

Maureen, here's a link to the Museum of Music Automatons in Seewen Switzerland you might be keen to look at. The exhibits include orchestrions, Welte player pianos and Welte philharmonic organs, a Phonoliszt-Violina, a Decap dance organ, and the Welte philharmonic organ from the Britannic, sister ship of the Titanic and Olympic.

Maureen Lang

Glad you commented here, Craig V. When's that new CD coming out? Would like to post a cut from it on TA, if you're amenable.

Thanks, Jeff B., for the link. Most interesting. Given yr. travels recently, have you been there?

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