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16 December 2006


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Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Stalingrad on the Tigris?:

» Iraq "Wishful Thinking" in Washington or "we're not in Kansas anymore?" from Panglossian Notes
By now everyone has likely read the the PowerPoint presentation out of the American Enterprise Institute (AEI). There is a link to it in the Morning Reading type-list on the left. It is in pdf format. To get a feel [Read More]

» Easy Rider from WhirledView
by CKR I'm reading the second volume of John Fowles's diaries. From the entry for the period 3-11 October 1969, after seeing the film Easy Rider:I think this is the trap the younger generation today are falling into: they have [Read More]

» Directions on Iraq: Day 3 from The Glittering Eye
Contributors Shivaji Sondhi and Michael Cook, Co-Directors of the Project on Oil, Energy and the Middle East at Princeton University, have posted some additional thoughts on Iraq fueled by the discussion in the colloquium thus far. John Burgess has com... [Read More]

» The Only useful thing from the American Enterprise Institute from Fester's Place
Col. Patrick Lang has done an admirable job of beating the ever living intellectual shit out of Frederick Kagan's 'plan for victory in Iraq' over at his place. The basic problems are simple --- Exhausted US forces, lack of a [Read More]

» The Kagan-Keane Plan: Surging to Lose from Winds of Change.NET
Bush non-fan Loren Thompson of the Lexington Institute looks more correct by the day when he notes that: "The controversy over what to do about Iraq has congealed into two camps: supporters of the President... [Read More]


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